Penthouse Pet of the Month February 2024 Angel Dreaming

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  • Height: 4'12"
  • Stats: 32B-25-34
  • Home Town: Minneapolis, MN What is your favorite thing about your hometown? My favorite thing about my hometown is that I always had a white Christmas! I love Minnesota for how many seasons we get, but I'm very happy now to live in a beach town! Now, I really only like to visit my family on the holidays! Also, shoutout to MOA!! If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why? I'm having the time of my life in my current profession as a porn star! I love doing OnlyFans. Besides that, I can think of a couple of interesting jobs I'd love to experience!! I've had countless paranormal encounters in my life so being a ghost hunter would be AMAZING. Also, I was working as a CNA at the hospital in the neuroscience unit. I dreamt of becoming a nurse specializing in seizure and stroke. Life had other plans but health care and geriatrics have my heart!! I'd also loveee to be an actress! I know, it's a wide variety, lol.