Penthouse Pet of the Month March 2024 Kassie Wallis

Penthouse Pet of the Month March 2024 Kassie Wallis (Picture courtesy of

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  • Height: 5'8"
  • Stats: 32C-26-40
  • What is your favorite thing about your hometown?My hometown is very small. ... To put it into perspective, my public high school had a class of 120 students. There are only two traffic lights in town. If you were to look up what there is to do, It would say apple picking and fishing. However, you do get to experience all of the seasons. The fall foliage, cold snowy winters, warm sunny summer days. Did/do you play any sports?I've always wanted to try everything. I've done motocross, soccer, lacrosse, track, basketball, cheerleading. I wanted to do football and wrestling. What are some jobs you have held in the past?I was always getting a new job. I've always wanted to experience everything. When I was in high school I worked at an ice cream shop and retail. Upon graduating I was a nursing assistant for two local hospitals bouncing units. Mostly ortho, cardiac, and inpatient psych. I've bartended for three bars, and did cart girl at a golf course. I've even worked decon for nuclear power plants during outages. As of late, I ring girl for boxing, model, and create for OnlyFans.